Roadmap to WordPress 4.0

WordPress v41 300x214 Roadmap to WordPress 4.0Sometimes the best way to get information is not to wander around the web but just go to the source. With this in mind I have been re-reading the official Roadmap to WordPress 4.0 notes (click the link).

I have been considering both the future (ie the road to version 4) and the past. I don’t speculate on the content though I suspect the upgrade to version 4 might be more substantial than some of the incremental releases we have had to date.

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Line 267 of update.php – a mystery exposed

wp conifg php file 300x189 Line 267 of update.php   a mystery exposedFor a few weeks I have had a minor problem with all my WordPress blogs – whenever I update plugins the process works but I get a peculiar warning message. The message talks about a problem with update.php and calls out line 267. If you explore around there are many people having this problem and some confusion over what causes it. I am not a WordPress guru and I don’t claim to have a magic wand but I did fix it for my blogs and the fix is an intriguing one

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